VendTech vending supplies vending services to greater Los Angeles and surrounding cities. We have 3 trucks on the road on a daily basis and we are never to far away from your account if a situation should arise.


We are a family owned company that prides ourselves on superior customer service,

We have three simple principles we believe in that will result in a great vending experience.

  • Keep the vending machines full and working
  • Keep the vending machines clean
  • Stay in direct contact with customers to avoid small service issues getting out of control

When a problem does occur with your vending machines we will make every attempt to get the machine working again in as short a time as possible.

Our trucks do carry an inventory of parts so most problems can be fixed immediately. If for some reason we do not have a part our parts suppliers can overnight us the part.

You have many large vending companies to chose from for your vending needs. Yet, their size may cause your needs not to be met due to unionized route drivers, inflexible schedules and internal bureaucratic policies. If this is the problem you currently face, or if you have just begun to explore vending services for your employees, give us a call. We know you agree with us that you and your employees deserve the very best service available.
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