VendTech Equipment Refurbish


If you have an old vending machine out there that's needs to be upgraded give us a call. We have in house service technicians who have the ability to make an old vending machine look new.

Our service techs will complete the following services to your vending machine.

  • Machines will be taken apart and extensively cleaned.
  • All Surfaces will be prepared and painted with an approved color
  • All parts that have the potential to wear out will be inspected and replaced.
  • Money systems including dollar validator and coin mech will be extensively tested
  • You will have an option to replace money systems with new or reconditioned units
  • Soda machine compressors will be cleaned and checked with option to replace.
  • Once machines are refurbished they will be completely tested by our service technicians.
  • You can also have attractive custom designed fronts applied as well to give the machine a unique look.

Either you can drop of the vending machine or we can come and pick it up. The process can take up to 30 days depending on how busy we are. Once the vending machine is finished we will call you to arrange pick up or delivery.

For more information on vending machine equipment refurb please call.

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